Lothian & Borders and East Scotland

Use links above on right for complete information regarding Scot-Multi


Linking to Scot-Multi for best audio available,

no need to cross-mode your Hotspot

See RF example, when in Edinburgh

in next column(s)


DMR Radio : RF to GB7EE ; GB7DE ; GB7SQ ;

all on BM TG 23551

DStar Radio : RF to GB3ED

NXDN Radio : RF to GB7EU

on NXDN Scotland TG 23551


DMR Hotspot : Set BM TG 23551 as static

DStar Hotspot : Link to DCS604 module [M]

NXDN Hotspot : Link to NXDN Scotland TG 23551

YSF Hotspot : Link to YSF66571 Room:XLX604